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A Disaster Recovery Plan is more than simply ensuring your servers, data, devices, workstations, and your overall system are always available at any time.

CrossPoint disaster recovery planning solutions involve strategies, evaluation, and identifying the demand on infrastructure and resources to provide organisations with detailed instructions on how to respond to unplanned events such as natural disasters, power interruptions, or malicious cyber-attack to minimise impact, risk and economic effects a disaster can have on your organisation.

Not all Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are created equal.

Data analytics, careful research, the right tools & system paired with our experience disaster recovery planning (DRP) team can help disaster proof your organisation and offer continuity of business operations should a disaster occur. Our team not only create a plan customised for your business, but we train your team, test the process and implement and action your disaster recovery solution.

CrossPoint Disaster Recovery planning solutions can assist your organization by:

Minimise disruption, damage and impact of the interruption

Minimise disruption, damage and impact of the interruption

Minimise recovery time & possible delays

Establish alternative means of operation in advance.

We train personnel with emergency procedures.

We deliver smooth and rapid restoration of services to ensure business continuity

Our Disaster Recovery Planning services make sure that your business operations resume quickly after a disaster, without a loss and economic impact to your organisation. 

The CrossPoint Difference:

Fully managed end-to-end solutions

Single point of contact and a single contract

Significant cost savings

Flexible services

Zero upfront investment

Open standards

Seamless integration into your existing platforms


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