Contact Centre Solutions

In the quest to improve productivity and increase revenue, companies all across the world are turning to contact centres to fulfil a variety of services. Contact centre solutions have historically been complex and costly to implement, often requiring multiple servers based on multiple technologies from multiple vendors, and unable to scale down to the needs of small to medium sized enterprises. The CrossPoint approach to contact centre solutions is simpler and much more cost effective.

Using our IP telephony platform as a base, both inbound and outbound contact centre features can be enabled economically as required. It is important to have a contact centre solution in place which is easy to integrate, user friendly, easily monitored, measurable and more importantly provides a historical view of all customer interaction.

Benefits of CrossPoint contact centre solutions include:


CRM Integration

Performance Management

Service Level Management


Channeling Calls to the Right Teams

Agent Coaching

Heads-Up Display


Proactive Engagement

Intuitive Agent & Supervisor Interface

Ring Strategies


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