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No matter your size, scope or industry, digital security is a priority for every business. If you’re storing sensitive information in cloud or network systems, it’s important to ensure the appropriate security measures are in place to protect that information.

At CrossPoint, we take network security seriously, offering a range of managed IT services to businesses throughout Australia. Whether you’re concerned about common threats, targeted cyberattacks, or weak spots in your existing network, we can help. Our managed security services combine elite intelligence with superior detection technology to ensure your network’s protection at all times.

Ensuring the security of your network

Whether you’re setting up cloud computing services, VoIP telephony systems or video conferencing, CrossPoint can provide security for all parts of your network. We offer a range of managed IT security services, including 24×7 monitoring of your network, ongoing support for your staff and more. We can host your services on our own infrastructure, or work with your existing hardware and correct any weaknesses to ensure the security of your sensitive data.

Through a VPN access router, CrossPoint’s IT support team can securely monitor, manage and resolve any on-site issues your team experiences. This gives you peace of mind to continue working smoothly and efficiently, whatever arises. No matter your requirements, CrossPoint have the skills and expertise necessary to keep your network secure.

Managing IT & network security services for a range of businesses

At CrossPoint, we recognise the importance of protecting sensitive data, which is why we’re committed to being the leading service provider in Australia for managed security services, as part of our versatile IT offerings. To learn more about our managed IT security services, please feel free to get in touch by calling our offices directly on +61 2 8338 5400.

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